ISBN 9780879936198,Functional Abnormalities Of The Aorta

Functional Abnormalities Of The Aorta



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780879936198

ISBN-10 0879936193


Number of Pages 416 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Synopsis The book contains black-and-white illustrations. About Author: Biography Boudoulas, Harisios, MD (Ohio State Univ); Toutouzas, Paulos K., MD (Univ of Athens); Wooley, Charles F., MD (Ohio State Univ) The contributors represent the specialties of cardiology, cardiovascular medicine, pathology, physiology, and biophysics. Most are from academic medical institutions and research laboratories in the U.S., the U.K., Finland, Germany, Japan, Greece, and Brazil. Institutions prominently represented include Ohio State, Howard Univ, Univ Hospital in Aachen, Germany, Univ of Chicago, and Helsinki Univ Central Hospital. Special Features: Functional Abnormalities of the Aorta Table of Contents Table of Contents Foreword1Aortic Function32The Aorta - Anatomic and Pathologic Considerations393Vascular Effects of Endothelin in Cardiovascular Disorders514Mechanisms of Nitric Oxide Release from Rabbit Aorta and Their Modification by Hypercholesterolemia695The Impact of Ethnicity and Race on Hyperinsulinemia, Elastic Properties of the Aorta, and Cardiovascular Diseases in Human Subjects: A New Hypothesis?936Control of the Venous System in Humans1057The Aortic Diameter - Aortic Pressure Relationship in Clinical Practice1218Relationship Between Hierarchical Structure and Mechanical Properties of the Arteries1339Compliance of the Aorta and Its Branches15110Noninvasive Assessment of Aortic Impedance16111Pulse Contour and Impedance Parameters Derived from Arterial Wave Form Analysis18312Noninvasive Determination of Arterial Compliance19513Evaluation of the Arterial Elastic Properties Using a High Resolution Ultrasound Method20914Evaluation of Segmental Elastic Properties of the Aorta in Normotensive and Medically Treated Hypertensive Patients by Intravascular Ultrasound22115Aortic Blood Flow Studied by Magnetic Resonance Velocity Mapping23316Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Assessment of Aortic Distensibility24717Angiographic Evaluation of the Aorta: What is Normal?2