ISBN 9788192932446,Hackster : The Revolution Begins...

Hackster : The Revolution Begins...


Sankalp Kohli


Red Ink Publishers



Red Ink Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788192932446

ISBN-10 8192932443


Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

Suspense and Thriller

Time bears testimony to the fact that when people lose faith in the system, an individual comes to the fore and gives the clarion call for a revolution! history has it that such men have the power to bring a nation to a standstill. Revelations of the past have shattered Vikram and left him extremely distressed. Fueled by the universe of vibrations and his fathers legacy, he must now trigger a digital revolution that will leave India leaderless.On the other hand, a special unit, CIST has been set up by the President in order to tackle the growing menace of cyber threats. Led by an able and dynamic officer, Arjun, CIST tracks down its target, but soon finds itself helpless in the kaleidoscope of cyber war that even makes the wily kingmaker of Indian politics shiver.Who is right and who is wrong? Who will emerge victorious and who will be vanquished in this war on which hangs the fate of the worlds largest democracy. To know more, read the supremely engrossing Hackster today! With events that unease, shock and violate the sentiments and emotions of the townsfolk, one man Keshav, the young & dynamic son of the local Zamindar, cautiously gathers a group of men from different walks of life and with different motives and carefully and strategically plans the unthinkable, a revolution - A revolution to overthrow the Britishers not just by force or might, but also through wit & intellect! What happens when a group of men take on the might of the powerful British empire and embark on a journey full of action, adventure, planning, plotting, bloodshed, conspiracy & patriotism, to encounter four mysterious strangers, while in search of a long forgotten book written in the times of Emperor Ashoka, which holds the answer to several secrets, who turn & alter the course of the future events, even as the English are besieged with numerous problems ranging from the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, to Gandhis ways & means of achieving Independence.Read on The Bhairava Putras to know more about the classic and legendary tale of a band of men who defied the norms to fight guns, bullets, injustice, deception and intrigue at every corner of their adventurous and thrilling escapades, to uproot the centre hold of dominance & authority, through mountainous terrains, dense & thick jungles, secret hide outs and rivers in spate which unfortunately got lost, somewhere in the annals of History!
About the Author
Sankalp Kohli Born and brought up in Kanpur, Sankalp i a MBA Graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. An entrepreneurial soul with an imprint of a perfectionist, he is a workaholic who believes in turning every single moment of his life into something constructive and fruitful.
A person with immense respect for his parents, all dreams and aspirations of Sankalp are driven by his wish to make his parents feel proud.His earlier literary works, Because. Every Raindrop is a Hope and When I Found You, I Found Myself, have found great success with readers. With his third book, Hackster he has ventured into a new genre where his contemporary and provocative self comes alive in a sci-fi thriller.Paritosh Yadav, 23 has travelled and lived across different cultures and graduated from NMIMS University in 2013 as an MBA in the field of telecom technology. His enthusiasm for reading coupled with his fascination and passion about the ingenuity in designs and ideas inspired him to write his debut novel, Hackster.Writing since the age of 12, Paritosh has even been a blogger and a song writer for his colleges band. Author of a yet to be published collection of short stories, Paritosh is extremely attached to the characters he creates and attempts to bring them to life for the reader through his work.