ISBN 9781846841095,Handbook of Online Education

Handbook of Online Education



Continuum International Publishing Group

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781846841095

ISBN-10 1846841097

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Number of Pages 344 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

This resource book provides a range of practical, innovative ideas to promote active learning online. It will offer teachers, trainers, and course writers a selection of ready-made, adaptable activities which can be used as a basis of elearning activity on a course or as a departure point for development, independent work and/or discussion. Sections of the book will include Resources for Building Confidence, Resources for Learning to Learn Online, Resources for Assessment and Active Learning Online. Each section will be prefaced by a general theoretical overview and suggestions for further reading and personal action research.

About the Authors
Shirley Bennett is Lecturer in Education and Online Learning Programme Director for the Master of Education in elearning and University Teaching Fellow at the University of Hull. Debra Marsh is a freelance elearning Consultant based in France. Clare Killen helped to develope the Bectas innovative Ferl Practitioners Programme working with FE and Adult and Community Learning providers.

Table of Contents
Resources for building confidence for online learning
First steps in using the tool
Finding your way around... actively!
Where do I go next?
Getting to know the other members of your online group
Where do you come from?
Is there anyone in my group who...?
True or false?
Online socialization
Time for tea?
Ideas at play
Your time to shine...anonymously
The nature of online learning
Online learning- the same or different?
Learner choice - online or face to face?
Whats my style?
Doing it online!
Roles in online learning
Expectations rematch
Dynamics or dynamite
Establishing the norms
The need for netiquette
Our online community- agreeing the house rules
Resources for learning to learn actively online
Organizational skills
24 hours in a day
Teamwork online- getting the job done on time
Spinning a meaningful web
Information skills
Searching and finding
Fools gold or the real thing?
Using ICT tools for note-taking
This is what we want to know
Sharing responses to reading
Writing skills
Building the plans
Using and abusing tools to improve writing style
Writing bees
Learning through collaboration
Sharing the workload
Piecing the jigsaw together- web-questing
Behind the scenes
Time to think
The game of spot the difference?
Learner-led learning
Learning outcomes- learner choice
Building a collaborative bank
Online seminar
Round and round we go
Supporting work-based learning
Learning contracts
A guide on the side... active support for the mentor-mentee relationship
Alone...yet not alone!
Presenting posters
Resources for assessment and active learning online
Assessing skills
SWOT for progress in learning online
Heres the evidence to prove it
Topical role-play
Focus work
Assessing knowledge and understanding
Summary reflections
Making your portfolio work for you
Together we stand or fall
Engaging learners with the learning and assessment practice
Negotiated assessment criteria
Peer review for assessment and learning
Learning journals
Redrafting for success
Resources for dealing with the unexpected
Just browsing
Take a back seat
Twists of fate
Chat time
Avoiding and handling disagreements
Question of culture
A joke is a joke-was that funny?
Flaming practice
Enabling student representation online
Listening to the learner voice
Suggestion box chat