ISBN 8187505079,Himalayi Avrodh: Bharat Cheen Vivaad Ka Punravlokan

Himalayi Avrodh: Bharat Cheen Vivaad Ka Punravlokan


Aakar Books



Aakar Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 8187505079

ISBN-10 8187505079


Number of Pages 36 Pages
Language (Hindi)


About the Book: Himalayan Stalemate: Understanding the Indian- China Dispute Indian Historian John Lall once Observed, " Perhaps nowhere elsein the world has such a long frontier been unmistakably delineatedodds nature itself" Hoe then did India and China defy topographicalodds and lock themselves into an impasses that was ultimatelytested on the battlefield in October 1962 and has been simmeringbelow the surface ever since? This paper Dwells on this question and attempts to get to theheart of this dispute without resorting to the polemics that oftenanimate commentaries on these issues. The author also retrace thetrajectory of India- China Border diplomacy that resumed in the1970's and shed some new light on the negotiating postures of thetwo countries which over the past three decades have been engagedin discovering a process that can identify the contours of asolution to the boundary question. Finally the author situates thedispute in a Contemporary geopolitical context on the disputeresolution process. Contents 1. Introduction 2. A Truncated India Meets A Unified China 3. Border Diplomacy Since The 1970s 4. Geopolitics Intervenes About the Author: Zorawar Daulet Singh Zorawar Dalulet Singh as a research fellow at the center forpolicy Alternatives, New Delhi, India. He holds a Master's degreein International Relations from the school of AdvancedInternational Studies, John Hopkins University of London where hemajored in economics and Finance. He has Published widely on Indian foreign policy issues indetails such as the Tribune, Business Standard and Asia times, andis co-author of India china relations: The Border Issues andBeyond, Viva Books, New Delhi. 2009 and Chasing the Dragon: willIndia Catch up with China? Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2009.