ISBN 9788182054141,History And Culture of The Himalaya (Historical Perspectives), Vol. 1

History And Culture of The Himalaya (Historical Perspectives), Vol. 1


K.S. Gulia


Isha Books



Isha Books

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788182054141

ISBN-10 8182054141

Hard Back

Number of Pages 413 Pages
Language (English)


Volume-1. Historical Perspective: This book gives a detailed account of the origin and location of Himalaya. Aeons ago, the region was covered by a shallow Tethys Sea, but as a result of the plates tectonics coming closer and colliding, there emerged the mountain of Himalaya. This is the youngest mountain of the world which is still registering growth in its peaks annually. Besides these fascinating details, it deals with the different ranges of Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and other parts of western and eastern Himalaya, which are diverse ecological, environmental and climatic zones. Volume-2. Demography and Human Geography: Another volume of this book deals with the demography and social structure in various regions of the Himalaya. This includes the people, communities, languages, the aboriginals, and later arrivals. The people of Jaunsar-Bawar are called as the ^relics of Past^, who still preserve their culture dating back to Mahabharata period. There are polyandrous and polygynandrous people in Jaunsar-Bawar, Spiti and Lahaul. This book also deals with kinship and social organisation of India, Bhutan and Nepal. Volume-3. Geological and Physical Perspective: This volume deals with Geology of Nepal, Uttarakhand, Myth, History and Man, and other facts about Nepal. This book in three volumes contains uptodate wealth of information culled from various sources on the subject in fascinating detail.