ISBN 9788170299394,HTML Example Book

HTML Example Book



BPB Publications

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788170299394

ISBN-10 817029939X


Number of Pages 492 Pages
Language (English)


HTML Example book provides explanation and specific code to help you construct your own Web pages .All elements in the Internet ddraft of HTML specification versions3.0 are discussed.along with those supported fby popular extensions .The authors break down the Instructions for creating lists ,tables,forms and cascading style sheets also are provided enabling you to expand the capabilities of your HTML files.Examples of real -life government nd corporate Wev pages and the code used to construct them demonstrate what you can do with HTMl Contents Chapter 1: About this book Chapter 2: HTML Overview Chapter 3: HTML Elements Chapter 4: Head Elements Chapter 5: Body Elements Chapter 6: Character Elements Chapter 7: Image Elements Chapter 8: List Elements Chapter 9: Figure Elements Chapter 10: Table Elements Chapter 11: Math Elements Chapter 12: Form Elements Chapter 13: Netscape Extension Chapter 14: Image map Examples Chapter 15: Common Gateway Interface  Examples Chapter 16: Frames and Cookies Chapter 17: Cascading Style Sheets Chapter 18: World Wide Web Examples