ISBN 9788183520966,I Am Heartless: A Real Confession

I Am Heartless: A Real Confession



Mahaveer Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183520966

ISBN-10 8183520960


Number of Pages 186 Pages
Language (English)

ELT literature & fiction readers

?This is not only a story rather it is real confession of a lover? The story revolves around VIREN who is a day dreamer, an egoistic, a hopeless romantic and an attention seeker afflicted with a bizarre madness and arrogance engulfing him. It is the story of his life which encompasses love, dedication, eccentricity, friendship and overall his discovery of his true love and also the anguish of losing it due to his obstinacy and self-centeredness. It is a repertoire of moments coated with velvetiness of love and bruised by the thorns of betrayal. It highlights the situations which ultimately turn him into a devil, who wants to annihilate the whole world with his impiety, consequences being the least he cares about; and eventually loses his happiness, identity and even himself in this process. I could neither speak in words, nor could ever write it down The loneliness, the emptiness your absence left behind.... Those moments spent in the warmth of your cuddle Still linger in a cruel heart...... in a guilty mind!!! Whenever I dream, I see you so tranquil Can I trace the reason of my going away and getting back never? If by closing my eyes I see you happy sweetheart, I promise I shall close my eyes FOREVER! About The Author Vanit K. Bansal, born in Tohana (Haryana), is fond of reading, writing and composing stories since childhood. He earned his Masters degree from Kurukshetra University and was bestowed awards both at college and university level. He continues to nurture his dream of writing till today and has succeeded in giving shape to his thoughts in this book. As a voracious reader and an avid writer, his vision extends to the realm of social service too. In his own words, ?I derive inspiration from India's former President, Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam.? At present, he is working with the State Bank of India in Delhi and loves to pen down his thoughts whenever he finds time.