ISBN 9789383359660,I Will Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime

I Will Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime


Priya Kumar


Embassy Books



Embassy Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383359660

ISBN-10 9383359668


Language (English)

Suspense and Thriller

I Will Go With You is a journey to the end of life and the beginning of a brand new eternity. Take your seat aboard SK502 on row 26 among four evolved souls, who through their life and living take you through an escapade that will change the way you see your own life - forever. The story is a fast paced adventure aboard a flight with a pilot who has decided to end his life by committing suicide; endangering every passenger on board. Every twist and turn leaves you gasping. On another level, the book brings you face to face with questions that linger in your consciousness long after you have turned the last page. Come aboard a suspense filled drama of life and death woven by master storyteller Priya Kumar as she takes you on a ride that you will never forget.