ISBN 9780198072614,India Means Business

India Means Business


Kaushik Dutta





ISBN 9780198072614

ISBN-10 0198072619

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Looking at the many facets of the Indian business culture, Indian Means Business traces the evolution of business in India from the pre-British Raj days to recent times. From indigenous business and financial practices, the role of family business, state-owned public sector enterprises to the influence of global business on India and successful business practices of modern India-the book covers all the major factors which have worked together to make India a global business power. The book focuses on the influence of global business, studying its impact through case studies of companies like ITC Limited, ICI India Limited, HCL Limited, and Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, among others, and analyses the sustainability of the Indian dream. The book also includes notices on the guilds of ancient India, hundis (indigenous and para-banking), bahi-khata and parta system, and chit and nidhi funds as well as discussions on innovation and research and development, which analyse the value, spread, and position of India in the global R&D pie. Readership: General readers interested in Indian business as well as business owners and executives, entrepreneurs, and students and teachers of business studies, economics, and cultural studies. Features - Traces the evolution of business in India from pre-British Raj days to recent times - Clear explanation of traditional/indigenous business practices vis-?-vis modern ones - Case studies on ITC Limited, ICI India Limited, HCL Limited, and Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, among others Table Of Contents Introduction to Indian Business Indigenous Business and Financial Practices Role of Family Business in Indian Economy State Owned Enterprises or Public Sector Enterprises Influence of Global Business on India Arbitrage of Thought and Innovation Successful Business Practices of Modern India The India Story in Modern Times Is India A Sustainable Dream? Bibliography