ISBN 9780195687859,India's Ancient Past

India's Ancient Past



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780195687859

ISBN-10 019568785X


Number of Pages 387 Pages
Language (English)

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India’s Ancient Past deals with a comprehensive historical account of early India. R.S Sharma guides the readers through the formation and evolution of Indian civilizations over time. Summary Of The Book The term history is generally associated with mundane and uninteresting recording of facts. Fortunately, R.S Sharma provides a radically vivid and captivating narrative through his work, India’s Ancient Past. This book deals specifically with the origin of various empires and religious cultures in the growing periods of India. It also charts the beginnings of different geographical, linguistic, and ecological phenomenon. Sharma also gives information regarding the cultures dominating in the Neolithic, Vedic periods and during the Harappan Civilization. The book provides insights about the rise of religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and others along with the development of territorial states. Breaking away from the traditional factual recording seen in history, India’s Ancient Past provides an easy-to-comprehend reading structure as it deals with several topics such as urbanization, Varna system, commerce, science, and much more. Sharma also assesses the transition periods from Ancient to Medieval and the changes that occurred as a result. About R. S. Sharma Professor Ram Sharan Sharma was born on 26th November, 1919. He was a noted historian dealing with Ancient and Medieval India. He had also been associated with several academic institutions such as Delhi University, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and the University of Toronto. In 1975, he was the President of Indian History Congress. He is known for works such as Aspects of Political Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India published in 2005, Looking for the Aryans published in 1995 and Indian Feudalism published in 2005. When it comes to Professor Sharma’s writing style, he has been known for his literary and epigraphic works where he demolishes several myths that deal with imperialism and colonialism in history. He has also banished the notions of cultural chauvinists and provided counter studies dealing the scientific evolution of Indian society. He was known for his humility and scholarly fervor and constantly strove to provide new dimensions within Indian history. Sharma is also the founding Chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research. He died on 21st August, 2011 and on his death a memorial function was held by the Indian Council of Historical Research wherein the famed Professor Bipan Chandra called Sharma the greatest historian of India.