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Industrial Psychology



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788131519141

ISBN-10 8131519147

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Edition 7th
Number of Pages 696 Pages
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Striking a balance between research, theory, and application, INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 7E, helps students discover the relevance of industrial/organizational psychology in everyday life through practical application as they analyze topics such as resume writing, interview survival, job description authoring, performance appraisal, employment law, job satisfaction, work motivation, and leadership. This text retains its focus on aiding students in conceptualizing complex issues through the use of numerous charts, tables, flowcharts, and exercises.

Salient Features

Engaging Videos. Providing instructors with relevant material that correlates to the text, the revised video program gives you new options and alternatives for getting your students engaged in the classroom and lectures.
Real World Relevance. Focus on Ethics boxes profile real-world scenarios to put students in the middle of ethical challenges and help them apply the material to whatever career they choose.
Engaging Writing Style. To make students'' reading easier and more exciting, the author includes humor, stories and real-world examples throughout the text.
User-Friendly Style. The text is written at a level designed to help students understand the material rather than at a level designed to show off vocabulary.
Innovative Visual Aids. To help students learn the key concepts of INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 7E, innovative charts integrate the main points of the chapter.
A greater emphasis on diversity encouragement efforts has been incorporated into this edition.
There is enhanced discussion of "test fairness" issues.
Chapters 8, 14, and 15 have been restructured to provide a better flow of material.
A new section on monitoring the legality and fairness of performance appraisal systems has been added.
The amount of content covering the subjects "organizational justice", "fairness issues", and "personality spread" has been increased.
A new section on "authentic leadership" has been added.
The use of technology has been updated throughout examples.
Each chapter contains updated references and examples.
Table of Contents

1. I/O Psychology.
2. Analyzing and Evaluating Jobs.
3. Employee Selection and Legal Issues. 4. Recruiting and Interviewing.
5. References and Testing.
6. Characteristics of Effective Tests.
7. Performance Evaluation.
8. Training Employees.
9. Motivating Employees.
10. Understanding Employee Attitudes.
11. Organizational Communication.
12. Leadership.
13. Behavior and Conflict within a Group.
14. Organization Development.
15. Occupational Health.

About the Author

Michael G. Aamodt is a professor in the Psychology Department at Radford University, where he conducts research and teaches courses in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He also is an experienced consultant, adding to the text's unique and applied approach. He received his B.A. in psychology from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and both his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas. As a teacher, Mike teaches courses in employee selection, employee training and development, job analysis and evaluation, organizational politics, organizational influence, forensic psychology, program evaluation, and psychology of the criminal mind. As a consultant, Mike has helped a wide variety of organizations deal with issues such as employee selection, performance evaluation, downsizing, organizational change, compensation, salary equity, affirmative action, and employee motivation. As a trainer, Mike is a frequently requested speaker and is known for his fast-paced, humorous presentations. Mike has published over 50 articles in professional journals and presented more than 90 papers at professional conferences. He is the author of Industrial/Organizational Psychology: An Applied Approach, now in its Sixth Edition, as well as the author of research in law Enforcement selection, law Enforcement Selection: Research Summaries, i/o Psychology in action, and is the coauthor of human relations in business and statistics for Human Resource Professionals. Mike is the editor of applied hrm research, the technical affairs editor for the assessment council news, and an associate editor for the journal of police and criminal psychology, and the journal of business and psychology. in his spare time, mike likes to make lame attempts at being athletic, cook what at times turn out to be edible meals, travel, and scuba dive. He lives in pulaski, virginia with his wife bobbie, three neurotic dogs (gretchen, ally, and sydney), and a three-legged cat named ilean