ISBN 9788177582408,Inorganic Chemistry : Principles of Structure and Reactivity

Inorganic Chemistry : Principles of Structure and Reactivity



Pearson India

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788177582408

ISBN-10 8177582402


Number of Pages 826 Pages
Language (English)

Academic And Professional

This classic in its field has been substantially reorganized and includes the latest findings in the discipline.

Salient Features

Substantial rearrangement to suit the requirement of the students and teachers of the Indian subcontinent.
Thorough re-editing and reorganization of the chapters on chemistry of the main group elements, descriptive chemistry of metals, organometallic chemistry, solid-state chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry.
Addition of thermodynamic stability of complex compounds, organometallic chemistry of the main group elements, and Frost diagrams.
A chapter on symmetry comprising applications of symmetry (including spectroscopy and crystallography) and an introduction to point groups.
Reorganized and updated chapters on bonding, presenting a modern approach.
Table of contents :-
What is Inorganic Chemistry?
The Structure of the Atom
Symmetry and Group Theory
Ionic Bonding and the Solid State
The Covalent Bond
The Structure of Molecules and Stereochemical Nonrigidity
Chemical Forces
Acid- Base Chemistry
Chemistry in Aqueous and Nonaqueous Solvents
The Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Periodicity
The Chemistry of the Main Group Elements: Inorganic Chains, Rings and Cages
The Chemistry of the main group elements: Halogens and the Noble Gases
Some Descriptive Chemistry of the Metals
Coordination Chemistry : Bonding
Coordination Chemistry: Spectra and Magnetism
Coordination Chemistry: Structure, Isomerism and Stability
Coordination Chemistry: Reactions, Kinetic and Mechanisms
Organometallic Chemistry: Syntheses, Structure and Bonding
Organometallic Chemistry: Reactivity and Catalysis
The Inorganic Chemistry of Biological Systems