ISBN 9788189833138,Inside Capitalism; An Introduction to Political Economy

Inside Capitalism; An Introduction to Political Economy


Paul Phillips


Aakar Books



Aakar Books

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788189833138

ISBN-10 8189833138


Number of Pages 215 Pages
Language (English)


Inside Capitalism An Introduction to Political Economy THESE DAYS almost anyone is bound to be depressed by the litany of economic woes besieging Canada. Mainstream economists, Politicians and business leaders claim that workers wages must fall that the social safety net must be stripped away, that taxes must be cut and that environmental regulations must be relaxed. "There is no alternative," we are told, if Canada is to be competitive. But is this really the case? If we are to even begin to respond to this new economic mantra we have to know what makes our economy tick. About Author : Pal Phillips has recently retired from the University of Manitoba after thirty-four years in the Department of Economics. He is a Prof. Of American Studies at the University of Ljublijana in Slovenia, where he teaches labour economics, and an Adjunct Prof. Of History at the Okanagan University College in British Columbia. Contents : Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction Political Economy and Contemporary Canadian Capitalism 1. Political Economic: The Issues 2. Institutions of Production and Exchange 3. Production Theory 4. The Labour Process 5. The Labour Market: Part One 6. The Labour Market: Part Two 7. Investment: Closing the Circle 8. Growth and Crises 9. Aggregate Economics: Smoothing the Flow 10. The International Sector and Globalism 11. There is An Alternative - Democracy References About the Author Index