ISBN 9780761997481,Insurance in India : Changing Policies and Emerging Opportunities

Insurance in India : Changing Policies and Emerging Opportunities


P S Palande


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780761997481

ISBN-10 0761997482


Number of Pages 484 Pages
Language (English)


This timely book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the insurance industry. The authors first trace the origin and working of the insurance industry, and the factors that led to its nationalization. They then closely analyze recent developments, the transformation that has taken place after reforms, and provide a macro perspective on this industry. The authors also examine the measures taken by the existing public sector insurance companies to restructure themselves in the present scenario, and provide an overview of the present and likely policies of the new players that have entered the market. In conclusion the book offers suggestions about the future of the industry in terms of: - its potential and possible growth - initiatives needed to give a further impetus to the industry - the products and services offered; n Regulatory issues - the evolving market strategies in the context of the highly competitive environment Written in a concise and absorbing manner, this is perhaps the first study of the insurance industry to be written in the post reform era. Table of Contents Preface The Growth and Development of the Indian Insurance Industry The Debate about Opening Up Preparing for the Competitive Environment Proactive and Focused Strategies of the Industry The New Range of Products and Services Evolving Markets and Strategies Investment of Funds?Constraints and Skills Regulation of the Insurance Business The Government as a Facilitator of Change The Emerging Scenario Annexure Select Bibliography Index