ISBN 9780071070621,Introduction To Mass Communication : Media Literacy And Culture

Introduction To Mass Communication : Media Literacy And Culture



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071070621

ISBN-10 0071070621


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 516 Pages
Language (English)

Media studies

This text encourages students to take more active roles as media consumers and gives them a deeper understanding of the role that the media play in both shaping and reflecting culture. Through this cultural perspective, students learn that audience members are as much a part of the mass communication process as are the media producers, technologies, and industries. This was the first university-level text to make media literacy central to its approach. Building on this tested emphasis, the updated fifth edition features a complete updating of industry statistics throughout, numerous new examples from the ongoing Iraq war, Virginia Tech shooting, the Don Imus controversy, and much more! TABLE OF CONTENTS Part One: Laying the Groundwork Chapter 1. Mass Communication, Culture, and Media Literacy Chapter 2. The Evolving Mass Communication Process Part Two: Media, Media Industries and Media Audiences Chapter 3. Books Chapter 4. Newspapers Chapter 5. Magazines Chapter 6. Film Chapter 7. Radio, Recording, and Popular Music Chapter 8. Television, Cable, and Mobile Video Chapter 9. Video Games Chapter 10. The Internet and The World Wide Web Part Three: Supporting Industries Chapter 11. Public Relations Chapter 12. Advertising Chapter 13. Theories and Effects of Mass Communication Chapter 14. Media Freedom, Regulation, and Ethics Chapter 15. Global Media