ISBN 9780071070577,Introduction To Molecular Biology

Introduction To Molecular Biology



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071070577

ISBN-10 0071070575


Number of Pages 241 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

This book places molecular genetics within the general framework of metabolism. In this way, the processes and mechanisms of gene function and control are seen as phenomena connected to other cell activities. Theoretical considerations and experimental data are kept to a minimum. Salient Features Emphasis on gene function and control facilitates better understanding of the applications of concepts in the important big picture of cell function. Extensive pedagogy includes beginning-of-chapter statements, end-of-chapter summaries, review questions, suggested readings, boldface terms, and a glossary. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Nature of DNA 2. The Replication of Double-Stranded DNA 3. The Replication of Other Nucleic Acids 4. The Proteins 5. The Nature of the Gene: The Repository of Information 6. The Genetic Code 7. Control of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes 8. Prokaryotic Protein Synthesis 9. Mutations and Repair of DNA 10. Eukaryotic Genes: Basic Structure and Function 11. Gene Manipulation: Genetic Engineering 12. The Promises and Perils of the New Genetics