ISBN 9781846841569,Invitation To Terror: The Expanding Empire Of The Unknown

Invitation To Terror: The Expanding Empire Of The Unknown



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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781846841569

ISBN-10 1846841569


Number of Pages 242 Pages
Language (English)


Wars and conflicts can be confusing since the main actors are by necessity secretive and duplicitous. However, despite the absence of transparency, it is usually evident who the main protagonists are and what they are fighting about. Frank Furedi argues that Western culture appears to feed off a diet of terror and inadvertently offers its enemies an invitation to be terrorized. The language we use betrays confusion about the threat we face and therefore undermines our capacity to engage with it. Beginning with the question of Why do they hate us? We find ourselves unsure of who they are. Even more unsettling is the realization that we are not quite sure of who we are. In this startling and original book Frank Furedi engages with some of the most fundamental questions confronting society today.