ISBN 9789380914374,Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789380914374

ISBN-10 9380914377


Number of Pages 112 Pages
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Julius Caesar is the undisputed ruler of Rome. Marcus Brutus is his close friend and confidante, but he is not very happy with the changes that Caesar has brought about in the Roman republic. The senators who are influenced by Gaius Cassius' plot to assassinate Julius Caesar soon reinforce Brutus' doubts. However, Brutus cannot make himself doubt his friend’s integrity. He soon becomes pressurized under the plot of Cassius, and soon begins to wonder if Caesar truly deserves to wield the power he has come to love. Shakespeare’s play brings out the epic action in the story of one of History’s greatest characters, and manages to showcase the tension within Brutus’ own mind.

About William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor. Fondly remembered as the “Bard of Avon”, Shakespeare is known for his plays and poems. Some of his best-known plays are Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear and Macbeth.