ISBN 9788186338254,Kathopanishad: What After Death

Kathopanishad: What After Death



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9788186338254

ISBN-10 818633825X

Hard Back

Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 477 Pages
Language (English)


The inestimable value of this work, emanating from response to questions from devotees of varied backgrounds and faiths, lies in its lucidity and its exhaustive exposition. This English rendering of Kathopanishad is a dialogue between Yamraj, the Supreme Preceptor and Nachiketa, the exceptional Aspirant. The conversation between Nachiketa and Yamraj is beneficial to all mankind. Learning from death is the highest form of learning. The one who acquires a worshipful attitude towards the fact of death is fortunate. The Kathopanishad is a discourse by an unknown Guru to his Shishya (disciple). After saying the most humbly divine, though seemingly ambiguous prayer, the Guru conveys the absolute gyan (Knowledge) to the Shishya in the form of a story. The state of the Guru is evident from the fact that his name is not even mentioned in the Upanishad and his identification with the shishya is perfect in the prayer with which he begins the discourse. In the story, the Guru also describes very clearly what the state, aspiration and desires of the shishya should be, before he can deserve to know the final Truth. This book, the English rendering of the Kathopanishad, has emanated in response to questions asked by an aspirant, and many other devotees of varied backgrounds and faiths. Param Pujya Ma, the supreme Mother, has in complete identification taken each one steadily forward towards the ultimate spiritual goal. Her words chart a perfect path both practical and directly relevant to today's environment and need. Thus a subtle text has been brought within the intellectual reach of all. This present addition of the Kathopanishad includes the questions asked of Param Pujya Ma and their answers in their original point form.