ISBN 9781841492285,Knife Of Dreams

Knife Of Dreams



Little, Brown Book Group

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781841492285

ISBN-10 1841492280


Number of Pages 832 Pages
Language (English)


Knife of Dream: Wheel Of Time Book 11 tells an intriguing tale of war, confrontation, and love. Tarmon Gai'don, the Last Battle is at hand and this means that the main character, Rand al'Thor must gear up to confront someone known only as the Dark One. However, this also means that Rand al'Thor must strike a deal with the Seanchan armies, who are battling against him. Another character, Mat is introduced in this story and the tale is told of his love for Tuon. These characters and a few others find themselves pitted against the Dark one, who is attempting to rule over the world. The author of this book, James Oliver Rigney, Jr., uses Robert Jordan as his pen name in several publications. The author was born in Charleston, South Carolina completed his bachelor's degree in Physics from The Citadel. Following that, he began work at the United States Navy, holding the post of a nuclear engineer. Other well-known publications of the author include Conan The Barbarian stories, The Fallon Saga, and Cheyenne Raiders. In the year 2006, the author revealed that he developed cardiac amyloidosis, which eventually led to his death on the 16th of September 2007.