ISBN 9789381836873,Know Thyself

Know Thyself


Gian Kumar



Leadstart Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381836873

ISBN-10 9381836876


Number of Pages 337 Pages
Language (English)

Religious Studies

In the first of his series of 3 books Gian Kumar answers our questions related to spirituality in a simple and seamless manner. From time immemorial, people have searched for definitive responses to questions such as-who am I? Where do I come from? Does god exist? What is the essence of my relationship with him? Gian's thoughts are an amalgam of science, spirituality and philosophy. He believes that once we discover our true selves, our lives can be free from stress, depression and misery. The core of this series is based upon the absolute reality of life-oneness between the self and the universe. Knowing oneself is the most challenging task. It involves accepting our alter ego or shadow-self. When we understand and accept who we really are, in totality. We have a better chance of achieving what we want from our lives. Know thyself-herein lies the key to success happiness and fulfillment. About the Author -:Gian Kumar was born into a traditional Hindu family, in Burma (Present-day Myanmar). From childhood, his life held paradoxes which he struggled to understand. While he was educated at a Christian boarding school which observed strict religious practices, these were diametrically opposed to the Hindu traditions and customs which were the norm when he went home for the holidays. A thinker by nature, the inherent confusion and dogmas underlying religion, gradually impelled him towards spirituality. Today, he is deeply grateful for a journey filled with opportunities to learn about existential riddles such as-who am I? What is my purpose in life? Is god an illusion? Gian hopes to share his own experiential learning's with others through the medium of his books.