ISBN 9788178353722,Land And People of Indian States & Union Territories (Maharashtra), 16 vol.

Land And People of Indian States & Union Territories (Maharashtra), 16 vol.



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788178353722

ISBN-10 8178353725

Hard Back

Number of Pages 723 Pages
Language (English)


The Book Land and People of Indian States and Union Territories is a voluminous work giving authentic information about all 28 States and 7 Union Territories. The first national volume is summarising all the States and UTs. All facts and figures have been carefully and authoritatively collected and nothing has been left to chance or conjecture. While approaching the subject objectively, we have rigidly applied documentary and professional standards. The volume is giving worth knowing following informations about all the States and UTs. History; Physical Aspects; Population; SC; ST; OBC; Government and Politics; Education; Transport and Communication; Language and Literature; Medical Facilities; Industry; Finance Sector; Natural Wealth; Agriculture; Wild Life; Tourism; Archaeological Sites; Natural Calamities; Customs, Fairs and Festivals; Arts and Crafts; Rural Development; Urban Development; Newspapers; Important Events; NGO; Planning Outlay. All thirty-six volumes, each volume for a State or Union Teritory would prove to be of immense help and become an invaluable companion to all researchers, writers, scholars, administrators, planners, tourists, librarians etc. who want to know about a State or UT.