ISBN 9780070703643,Leadership The Barack Obama Way : Lessons On Teambuilding And Creating A Winning Culture In Challenging Times

Leadership The Barack Obama Way : Lessons On Teambuilding And Creating A Winning Culture In Challenging Times



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070703643

ISBN-10 0070703647


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


In his historic rise to the most powerful position in the world, Barack Obama single-handedly altered the concept of leadership around the world. Now, Shel Leanne-the expert on the Obama way of leadership-explains how to thrive in any business setting by adopting the same skill set. Leadership the Barack Obama Way examines the ins and outs of the leadership style the President of the United States rode to heights of power nobody dreamed possible just a short time ago. Leanne breaks down Obama's style into easily digestible pieces that you can apply in any situation. You'll learn all the skills of extraordinary leadership, including how to: Communicate your vision in clear, persuasive language Create a "reservoir of goodwill" Form and lead outstanding teams Harness and leverage the power of technology Establish trust and confidence Build bridges among diverse people Obama's adversaries passed him off as nothing more than a good speech-maker; they couldn't have been more wrong. The President is, indeed, an engaging speaker-but he is much more. His style of leadership is carefully planned and meticulously honed. Follow the Obama blueprint and lead your organization to the head of your industry. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Communicate Vision Excellently Chapter 2 First of All, Win Confidence Chapter 3 Create a "Reservior of goodwill" Chapter 4 Communicate Your Vision Effectively Chapter 5 Inspire People Further with Your Words Chapter 6 Leverage a Strong Reputation Chapter 7 Build and Support a Winning Team Chapter 8 Execute Effectively Chapter 9 Benefit from the `mighty brainstorm? Weigh, then decide Chapter 10 Stay ahead of the curve