ISBN 9781259026102,Learn English : A Fun Book Of Functional Language, Grammar, And Vocabulary

Learn English : A Fun Book Of Functional Language, Grammar, And Vocabulary

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ISBN 9781259026102
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ISBN 9781259026102

Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781259026102

ISBN-10 1259026108


Number of Pages 464 Pages
Language (English)
TABLE OF CONTENTS To the Readers... Acknowledgements Part I: Getting Started 1. Communication and Language 2. Words and Sentences 3. Phrases, Clauses, Idioms, and Proverbs 4. Different Classes of Words 5. Sentence Patterns Part II: Let’s Talk about the Present 6. Talking about Habitual or Permanent Things 7. I am Fine, How are You? 8. Talking about Yourself 9. Talking about Others 10. Asking Questions 11. Counting Things 12. A School of Fish or Group Nouns 13. Where are You Going, My Pretty Maid? 14. We Eat ... Part III: To the Past, on a Time Machine 15. Ordinary Verbs and Helping Verbs 16. Three Forms of Verbs 17. The Film has Already Started ... 18. We’ve been Studying English 19. To the Past, on a Time Machine 20. I was in Hyderabad 21. I was Sleeping when My Boss Walked in 22. The Bride had Run Away 23. It had been Raining Part IV: The Future and a Little More 24. Talking About the Future 25. I’ll be Travelling Next Saturday 26. The Future is Perfect Part V: When Verbs are not Alone 27. Rani Loves Dancing 28. In Japanese, Ikiru Means to Live 29. Verbs with Prepositions 30. Verbs with Prepositions: More of Them Part VI: Nuts and Bolts of the English Language 31. A, An, or The? 32. Nuts and Bolts of the English Language 33. Talking about Time 34. More on Prepositions Part VII: Some Practical and Useful Language 35. I Can Speak English 36. Suggestions and Permissions 37. Talking about Possible Future Events 38. Possibilities Now... 39. Internal and External Obligations 40. The Versatile Would 41. Wish You Good Luck Part VIII: Language “Clear as Sunlight, Crisp as Sand” 42. How Green Was My Valley 43. A Big Black Furry Dog 44. Comparing Cats with Dogs! 45. Unfortunately, the Criminal Slipped Away 46. How Hot Is the Tea? 47. She, Her, Herself, Hers 48. More on Pronouns Part IX: From Simple to Complex Language 49. Conditions and Results 50. Tom Sawyer is Dying 51. If Lara Dutta had Married Brian Lara ... 52. Reporting Another Person’s Words 53. Was Majnu Loved by Laila? Part X: Let’s Talk Business 54. Business Vocabulary—an Introduction 55. Business Communication is Changing The End-game, Although the Game Never Ends Appendix 1 Irregular Verbs Appendix 2 Indian English Key to Exercises and Tests