ISBN 9788176561778,Learn Microsoft Transaction Server Development Using Visual C++ 6. 0

Learn Microsoft Transaction Server Development Using Visual C++ 6. 0


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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788176561778

ISBN-10 8176561770


Language (English)

Academic And Professional

Learn Microsoft Transaction Server Development" is the first and most complete reference to Microsoft's latest and greatest ActiveX database programming and management system, the Microsoft Transaction Server. MTS is a set of Visual C++ programming APIs for creating "atomic" database transactions; information processes from two or more separate information managers merge into one complete unit that succeeds or fails together. The other essential feature of MTS is its "distributed" capability; "Learn Microsoft Transaction Server Development" shows the developer how to use MTS's DCOM capabilities to deploy complete, fully scalable applications and services across the Internet and the web, or over any level of corporate intranet architecture. Nathan Wallace's new title includes the following key features: -- Learn how to deploy Microsoft Transaction Server for both developers and end users on Windows NT and Windows 95 -- Understand the potent MTS Explorer -- Use Visual C++ 98 to create MTS-aware applications using ActiveX Servers and MTS System components in hours instead of weeks -- Develop sophisticated intranet servers using Visual C++ 98 and the MTS API -- Create reusable ActiveX components for MTS using Visual C++ 98 -- Learn how to add powerful security features to MTS ActiveX components with Visual C++ 98 -- Understand how to make a multiple source transaction server Internet application with Visual C++ 98 -- Use Visual C++ 98 to add amazing scalability features to MTS servers deployed over corporate intranets