ISBN 9781905740895,Lectures on Linear Algebra

Lectures on Linear Algebra



Anshan Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781905740895

ISBN-10 1905740891


Number of Pages 243 Pages
Language (English)

Medical genetics

This is a highly readable self-contained textbook intended for upper level courses in linear algebra. The notations and terminologies are very clear and concise. The examples and exercises of different levels are well designed and will help the reader to grasp and understand the subject theoretically and computationally. An earlier introduction to linear algebra is not necessary to appreciate the book.
All the concepts and topics of matrices, sets and elementary abstract algebra needed for subsequent use are included. The book also contains examples and counter-examples of the concepts used in the text. The emphasis throughout is on a holistic understanding of linear algebra and therefore the overall tone of the book is rigorous and advanced but also clearly defined and highly approachable.

The author has drawn upon his many years experience of teaching the subject to write a book that will be valued by all keen mathematicians.


1. Matrices and Linear Equations 2. Sets and Algebraic Structures 3. Vector Spaces, 4. Linear Transformations 5. Algebra of Linear Transformations 6. Dual Spaces 7. Diagonalization 8. Inner Product Spaces 9. Bilinear and Quadratic Forms

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