ISBN 9789381770122,Lessons from the Playground

Lessons from the Playground




Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381770122

ISBN-10 9381770123

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Number of Pages 493 Pages
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Literature fiction

What does Sachin Tendulkars bold and broad blade drive into the consciousness of the white-collar world? How do the monumental stories, which have unfolded at the Olympics over the years light the torch for overcoming daunting organizational challenges? Does the silky smooth sophistication of Barcelonas playing style ignite ideas for synchronizing corporate teams more fluidly and effectively??
For ages sport has offered a rich repository of inspiration for the human race. Its champions have ceaselessly kindled hope. Its events have borne witness to glorious triumphs. Its methods have held the promise of triggering new avenues of thought. Its records have served as milestones on the never-ending journey of unraveling human potential.
Set to the pulsating rhythm of tales elucidating extraordinary athletic endeavor, LESSONS FROM THE PLAYGROUND is literally a clarion call for the very cause of enhanced creative thinking in the realm of corporate strategy. It celebrates the need to juxtapose the influence of one domain on a distant other to truly rediscover freshness in the thinking process.
The book is divided into four engaging sections - PEOPLE, PLATFORMS, PROCESSES, and PINNACLES. And through the lens provided by each of these pillars, it takes a look at how sport can catalyze interesting concepts in the business world.
LESSONS FROM THE PLAYGROUND is a novel attempt to infuse the inspiration that sport provides into the conference room. It is a lateral adventure, to merge adrenaline with insight. It is an effort to liberate the sporting metaphor, far beyond the confines of the pitch. Because, as many of the examples cited illustrate, it is only when one goes beyond defined boundaries, does magical achievement of any sort transpire