ISBN 9789382688150,LSE01 Cell Biology (IGNOU Help book for LSE01 in English

LSE01 Cell Biology (IGNOU Help book for LSE01 in English



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382688150

ISBN-10 9382688153


Number of Pages 223 Pages
Language (English)


LSE 1 Cell Biology CONTENTS COVRED Chapter 1 Introduction to Cell Biology I Introduction to the Cell II How Cells are Studied? III Functional Ultra structure of the Cell IV Molecules of the Cell V Macromolecules of the Cell Chapter 2 Cell Membranes and Enzymes I Supramolecular Structures and Cell Membranes II Membrane Transport Processes III Transport Molecules and Proton Pumps IV Enzymes: Specificity and Mechanisms of Action V Enzymes: Regulation and Control Chapter 3 Metabolism and Communication in Cells I Energy Releasing Pathways II Biosynthesis III Nucleus: Structure and Function IV Protein Biosynthesis V Chemical Signalling between Cells Chapter 4 Cell Division, Cell Movement and Differentiated Cell Types I Cell Cycle and Mitosis II Meiosis and Cell Divisions III Cell Adhesion, Cell Movement and Extracellular Matrix IV Differentiated Animal Cell Types V Differentiated Plant Cell Types QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2010 2. Solution Paper June 2011 3. Solution Paper Dec 2011 4. Solution Paper June 2012 5. Solution Paper Dec 2012 6. Solution Paper June 2013