ISBN 9788189497088,Mahakumbh : A Spectacle of Divine Design

Mahakumbh : A Spectacle of Divine Design


Raghu Rai



Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788189497088

ISBN-10 8189497081

Hard Back

Number of Pages 110 Pages
Language (English)


The courage to land in the middle of it all, here, over a hundred million religious pilgrims have left their footprints on the sands of Sangam from 14 Jan to 10 March 2013. The insignificant in you merges with the vastness of the world's largest congregation of human mass ever collected on this planer at one span of time. Before I can raise my head and be awakened to connect with energies crisscrossing my inner as well as outer space. I touch myself to know if I am still there. It's unbelievable t - it could only be a spectacle of divine design. The enormity of expression and its manifestation leaves me breathless." says Ragu Rai. The Kumbh at Prayag is simply a multitudinous congregation of people belonging to many faiths in general and Hindus in particular. It is a massive visual representation of Hinduistic religiosity in its most intensive and eloquent tradition. Everything is unique and rare with Kumbh. Its makeshift shelters in lakhs, its area and dimension, millions and millions of dwellers, its religious discourses, acts and philosophies based on hundreds of faiths. Thousands of holy and not so holy Nagas, non invitational invitation, its unique technology - all this constitutes are rare manifestation of Divinity in Matter and Mind. Primarily the fair belonged to four Shankaracharyas a dozen Akharas and countless ascetics. But the most ordinary of the ordinary, India of the villages and their unquestionable endless faith is the most essential component.