ISBN 9788130930695,Management Briefs: Marketing Skills : A Practical Guide

Management Briefs: Marketing Skills : A Practical Guide


Garry Hynes


Viva Books



Viva Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130930695

ISBN-10 8130930692

Paper Back

Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)


Table of Contents: 
Chapter 1: Introduction The Scope of Marketing • The Marketing Roadmap • Really Understanding Your Market • Identifying Your Unique Offering • Bringing this Uniqueness to Life, Everywhere Chapter 2: Knowing your Market Segmentation • Target Marketing • Positioning Chapter 3: Product The Key Levels of the Offer • The Core Benefit • The Tangible Product • The Augmented Product • The Product Life Cycle Chapter 4: Pricing Costs and Break-Even • Price and Quality • The Value Chain • Pricing Tactics • Win/Win Pricing Chapter 5: Promotion When to Promote Your Business • Active Promotion - Advertising • Models of How Advertising Works • Traditional Channels for Advertising Chapter 6: Other Promotion Methods Ambient Advertising • Direct Marketing (DM) • Internal Marketing • Public Relations • Exhibitions and Trade Shows • Networking • Sponsorships Chapter 7: Online Marketing Websites • Common Mistakes • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Link Baiting and Blogging • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Banner Advertising • Social Media • Permission Marketing - Email Marketing • Information Marketing • Offline Integration • The Growth of Online Marketing Chapter 8: Appropriate Marketing Activities for Your Business Selecting the Most Appropriate Marketing Activities for Your Business • Monitoring Results • Advice on Promotion - When do You Need It? • Selecting External Advisers Chapter 9: Distribution Building a Distribution Strategy • Levels of Distribution Intensity • Choosing the Correct Distribution Strategy • Online Distribution Chapter 10: Building for the Future The Dynamics of Your Business • The Porter Model • Threat of New Entrants • Threat of Substitution • Bargaining Power of Buyers • Competitive Rivalry • Strategies that Emerge from The Model • The Customer’s Value Chain