ISBN 9780070435780,Managerial Economics : Theory And Applications

Managerial Economics : Theory And Applications



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780070435780

ISBN-10 0070435782


Number of Pages 768 Pages
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About the Author: M Trivedi Dr. M L Trivedi was with IIT, Kharagpur, where he taught various courses on economics like Managerial Economics, Business Environment, and so on. Before joining IIT, Kharagpur, he was associated with Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune; IIM, Ahmedabad; B K School of Management, Ahmedabad; South Gujarat University, Surat. He was with IIM, Lucknow as a visiting faculty, where besides working on the present book, he taught economic environment to their PGDM students. Dr. Trivedi has authored 4 books and many papers for national and international journals. Table of Content: PART I: ECONOMIC THEORY AND MANAGERIAL DECISIONS 1. Economics and Management 2. Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics 3. Economic Modelling and the Techniques of Analysis PART II: THEORIES OF THE FIRM 4. Neo-classical Theory of the Firm 5. Nature and Objectives of the Firm 6. Modern Theories of the Firm 7. Public Firm: Econimic Philosophy and Theory PART III: THE MARKET: AN INVISIBLE HAND 8. The Market: Structure and Equilibrium 9. Demand, Elasticity, and Market Power 10. Demand Forcasting PART IV: PRODUCTION AND COST ANALYSIS 11. Cost Funciton: Estimation and Limitations 12.Extensions of the Cost Analysis: Break-even Analysis and Learning Curve 13. Production Function: Assumptions and Applications 14. Production Function Estimates on Indian Industry PART V: OPTIMIZATION 15. Economics and Optimization 16. Unbounded Maxima 17. Optimization under Constraints 18. Optimization under Risk and Uncertainty 19. Optimization (Satisficing)with Multiple Objectives 20. Optimization Over Time 21. Optimization with Little or No Information PART VI: PRODUCTIVITY AND ITS IMPROVEMENT 22. Procucitivity and Its Improvement 23. Economic Efficiency of the Firm 24. Technological Innovation and Productivity Improvement 25. Organizational Efficiency and Productivity Improvement 26. Organizational Slack and Performance Smootherning PART VII: PRICING AND PRICE REGULATION 27. Pricing under Perfect Competition and Monopoly 28. Oligopolistic Markets 29. Pricing Techniques 30. Price Control and Monopoly regulation 31. Public Enterprise Pricing PART VIII: GROWTH AND EXPANSION 32. Corporate Expansion Through Intrnal Growth: Investment Decisions and Government Policy 33. Capital Budgeting 34. Location Analysis 35. Corporate Expansion through Acqusition:Integration, Merger, and Diverisfication PART IX: FIRM AND THE SOCIETY 36. A Firm's Interaction with Environment 37. The Social Responsibility of Business 38. Public Accountability of Public Firms PART X : APPENDIX Model Questions for Term Paper - I Model Questions for Term Paper - II Model Questions for Term Paper - III Bibliography Author Index