ISBN 9788184046687,Marvels Of North Indian Cuisine

Marvels Of North Indian Cuisine



Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184046687

ISBN-10 8184046685


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)

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Food is one of the essentials of life. Nutritious and tasty food helps in leading a healthy life style. Books on recipes have been an area of interest for many experts in various languages since time immemorial. An effort has been made in the book to give an opportunity to the young and old alike to develop an interest not only in North Indian dishes but also to create a liking amongst all in the kitchen activities. ?Marvels of North Indian Cuisine? is my second book in the series on culinary items. Based on the encouragement received from my first book, ?Marvels of South Indian Cuisine?, I have ventured upon to present this book. The items I have given in this book have been prepared by me and relished by my family members, friends and relatives. I hope that you will also enjoy the dishes. About The Author Mrs. Meena Shankaran is a Post Graduate in History and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Computer Applications (PGDCA) and Diploma in Computer Management . She also is a diploma holder in Homoeopathy, Magneto therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Art of Living. She has conducted a Hindi program titled "Jal Ka Samasya Aur Samadhan" on All India Radio, Chennai. She also got an opportunity for 15 days program in All India Radio, Chennai in Tamil regarding the preparation of recipes. She had an opportunity to associate herself with "Jaya Television" (one of the Tamil T.V. Channel) in connection with a program on "entrepreneurial skills of women" in the year 1999. For the past 4 years, the author has started writing stories, articles, travelogues, jokes, recipes, real incidents, experiences, poems etc. and they are published in various Tamil magazines like "Mangayar Malar", "Kumudam Snehidhi", "Rani", "Devi", "Aval Vikatan", "Thanga Mangai", "Dina Malar", "Kalkandu", "Vasukhi", etc. Recently, she prepared "30 recipes for 30 days" as side dish for Roti/Puri etc. which was photographed and published in a leading tamil magazine viz., "Aval Vikatan" dated 01st February, 2008. She has written a Tamil recipe book which contains 220 North Indian dishes. The response for this book inspired her to write a recipe book in English also. Table of Contents I. Parathas 1. Potato (Aaloo) Paratha 2. Radish (Mooli) Paratha 3. Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Paratha 4. Wheat & Very Fine Wheat Flour (Atta?Maida) Paratha 5. Sweet Potato (Shakar Khand) Paratha 6. Great Millet (Jwar Ki) Paratha 7. Baby Corn (Makka) Paratha 8. Mixed Chapathy 9. Fenugreek Leaves (Methi Ka Saag) Paratha 10. Mint (Pudina) Paratha 11. Cauliflower (Gobi) Paratha II. Varieties Of Fried Rice 1. Spanish Rice 2. Corn Pulav 3. Beans With Buttered Rice 4. Green Pulav 5. Red Pulav 6. Tomato?Cheese Rice 7. Dhan?Saak Rice (Parsi Dish) 8. Sweet Rice 9. Ghee Rice 10. Non?Riped (Kacha-Aam) Mango Rice III Chutneys 1. Bengal Gram Flour (Besan) Khadi 2. Hot Tomato Gravy 3. Ginger (Adarak) Gravy 4. Orange Peel Chutney 5. Date?Tamarind (Khajoor?Imli) Chutney 6. Mint?Garlic (Pudina?Lehsoon) Chutney 7. Brinjal (Baigan) Curd Raita IV. North Indian Pickles 1. Turnip (Shalgam) Sweet Pickle 2. Lemon (Nimboo) Pickle 3. Red Chilly (Lal Mirch) Pickle 4. Mango Pickle (First Variety) 5. Sweet Mango Pickle (Second Variety) 6. Mango Pickle (Third Variety) 7. Mango Dry Fruits Pickle 8. Mango?Pear (Aam?Nashpathi) Pickle 9. Coconut?Mango (Sukha Narial-Aam) Pickle 10. Ginger-Green Chilly-Mango (Adarak?Hara Mirch?Aam) Pickle 11. Lemon?Carom Seeds (Nimboo?Ajwain) Pickle 12. Mango Delight 13. White Brinjal (Safed Baigan) Pickle 14. Lemon (Nimboo) Chutney 15. Yam (Suran) Pickle 16. Mixed Vegetable Pickle V. North Indian Sweets 1. Saffron Laddu 2. Soya Beans Kheer 3. Sandhesh 4. Curd Badushah 5. Dry Fruit Laddu 6. Sweet / Savoury Somas 7. Kolkata Rosgula 8. Sweet/Savoury Biscuit 9. Kheer 10. Banana Sweet (Holi Special) 11. Guava Halva 12. Date Fruit Halva 13. Beetroot Halva 14. Tomato Halva 15. Potato Halva 16. Instant Wheat Halva 17. Soya Beans Burfi 18. 7-In-1 Burfi 19. Easy Burfi VI. North Indian Tiffin 1. Potato Macroni Samosa 2. Corn Flakes Mixture 3. Carom Seeds (Ajwain) Biscuit 4. Potato Chops 5. Beaten Rice (Chooda) Bhujia 6. Beaten Rice (Dahi?Chooda) Curd 7. Bread Pakodi 8. Chola Batora 9. Vegetable Cutlet 10. Vegetable Gram Flour (Besan) Cutlet 11. Vegetable Bun 12. Green Peas (Hara Matar) Kachodi 13. Very Fine Wheat Flour (Maida) Kachodi 14. Plain Kachodi VII. North Indian Side Dishes 1. Lady?S Finger (Bhindi) (Orissa Method) 2. Potato (Aloo) Dum 3. Cow Peas (Lobiya) Curry 4. Drumstick (Sehjan) Spicy Curry 5. Stuffed Bittergourd (Karela) 6. Paraval Curry 7. Potato?Mustard Mix 8. Dal 9. Potato-Green Peas-Cheese (Aaloo-Hara Matar-Paneer) Mix 10. Pumpkin (Kadhoo) Spicy Side Dish 11. Pumpkin?Potato (Kadhoo?Aaloo) Fry 12. Bottle Gourd?Cheese (Lauki?Paneer) Kofta 13. Cauli Flower (Gobi) Curry (Bengal Method) 14. Cauliflower (Gobi) Curry (Uttar Pradesh Method) 15. Cabbage (Patha Gobi) Curry 16. Spinach?Cheese (Paalak?Paneer) Combination 17. Potato?Tomato Mixed Curry 18. Capsicum (Shimla Mirch) Curry 19. Radish (Mooli?Ka?Patta) Leaves Wet Side-Dish 20. Cashewnut Spicy Dish 21. Radish (Mooli) Fry 22. Drumstick?Red Gram (Sehjan?Arhardal) Gravy 23. Ivy Gourd (Kundru) Curry 24. Beetroot Fry 25. Green Gram / Green Pea Spicy (Hara Matar) Gravy 26. Moghlai Cauliflower (Gobi) 27. Masala Vegetable 28. Masala Masoor 29. Whole Black Gram (Urad Dal) 30. Vegetable Almond (Baadam) Curry 31. Goanese Potato 32. Mixed Vegetable Dish 33. Vegetable With Butter