ISBN 9781591394389,Mastering the Merger Four Critical Decisions That Make or Break the Deal

Mastering the Merger Four Critical Decisions That Make or Break the Deal



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9781591394389

ISBN-10 1591394384


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Business strategy

Discipline and Focus Are the Keys to M&A Success

Today's corporate deal makers face a conundrum: Though 70 percent of major acquisitions fail, it's nearly impossible to build a world-class company without doing deals.

In Mastering the Merger, David Harding and Sam Rovit argue that a laserlike focus on just four key imperatives-before executives finalize the deal-can dramatically improve the odds of M&A success. Based on more than thirty years of in-the-trenches work on thousands of deals across a range of industries-and supplemented by extensive Bain & Company research-Harding and Rovit reveal that the best M&A performers channel their efforts into (1) targeting deals that advance the core business; (2) determining which deals to close and when to walk away; (3) identifying where to integrate-and where not to; and (4) developing contingency plans for when deals inevitably stray. Top deal makers also favor a succession of smaller deals over complex "megamergers"-and essentially institutionalize a success formula over time.

Helping executives zero in on what matters most in the complex world of M&A, Mastering the Merger puts forward a blueprint for the decisions and strategies that will beat the odds