ISBN 9788174090746,Mechanical Engineer's Handbook

Mechanical Engineer's Handbook


Sadhu Singh


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174090746

ISBN-10 8174090746

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 1897 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

The book contains 66 chpaters. It has been divided into Engineering Mathematics, Design Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Thermal Engineering and Machine Design. The various formulae and data has been taken from standard text and refrence books. Most of the design data is as per Bureau of Indian Standards. It is hoped that the book shall be very useful to every Mechanical Engineer, whether in the field of teaching or in the research institutes.

Table of Contents
Part-I Engineering Mathematics

*General engineering tables *Algebra * Complex Numbers and Functions * Vector Algebra and Calculus * Matrices and Determinants * Theory of sets * Differentiation and Integration * Geometrical Figures and Mensuration * Plane and spherical trigonometry * Plane and Solid Coordinate Geometry *Ordinary and partial differential equations * Special Functions and Series * Numerical Methods * Probability and Statistics.

Part-II Design Engineering

*Engineering Mechanics *Mechanics of materials * Theory of Mechanisms and Machines * Mechanical Vibrations *Theory of Elasticity *Theory of Plasticity * Experimental Stress Analysis

Part-III Production Engineering

*Metal cutting processes *Metal forming processes *Metal casting technology *Welding technology *Non-conventional machining processes

Part-IV Industrial Engineering

*Work sampling * Performance Rating * Material Management * Fluid Machanics * Fluid machines *Thermodynamics * Steam Engineering * Air compressors *Fuels and combustion *Gas turbines *Internal combustion engines * Conduction Heat Transfer * Concentive Heat Transfer * Natural Convection * Condensation and Vaporization Heat Transfer * Heat Exchangers * Radiation * Refrigeration and Air Conditioning * Engineering Materials * Design for Manufacture * Strength Considerations in Design * Sealing Devices * Pressure Vessels * Riveted and Welded Fasteners * Shafts, Keys, Splines, Pins and Circlips * Threaded Fasteners * Clutches, Brakes and Couplings * Springs * Sliding and Rolling Bearings * Belts * Chains * Ropes * Gears * Internal Combustion Engine Parts * Mechanical Handling Equipment * CAD/CAM * Operations Research * Tribology * Renewable Energy Sources * Non Destructive Testing Methods * Glossary Items in Mechanical Engineering * Index