ISBN 9780071074025,Mentoring- Coaching : A Guide For Education Professionals

Mentoring- Coaching : A Guide For Education Professionals



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071074025

ISBN-10 0071074023


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


This book explores the principles behind successful mentoring-coaching in education. As well as highlighting the many benefits of mentoring-coaching, it addresses highly practical issues such as: Can anyone learn to be a mentor-coach? What behaviour counts as mentoring-coaching? How do I know what to do, in what order and how? What are the potential benefits? What pitfalls might there be and how might these be avoided? What is the support structure for the process? The book features a model which helps to create successful mentoring-coaching activity in education and sets out a clear path along which to proceed. It describes appropriate behaviours and includes examples of questions that might be used. The authors examine specific techniques and raise the kinds of questions that practitioners themselves need to consider at each stage of the simple and easy-to-memorise model. Arranged in two parts, the first part of the book encourages you to practise the skills and stages of the model that it describes and the second part explores your developing practice in greater depth. Mentoring-Coaching is valuable reading for leaders, managers and practitioners at all levels in education. TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgements Part One: Mentoring-coaching- about this Book The Term- Mentoring-coaching- and the Model Getting started Stage One - Context Stage Two - Issues Stage Three - Responsibility Stage Four - Future Stage Five - Deciding Stage Six - Action Evidence Part Two: Digging Deeper How clever does a mentor-coach need to be? Dialogue Empathy Images in the Mind Chains of Meaning Challenge versus Collusion Creating a Mentoring-coaching Culture Finding, Making and Taking the Role Child, Parent or Adult? Building Capacity on Success Mentoring-coaching as Learning Mentoring-coaching as Leading-managing The crucial Hyphen