ISBN 9780749399535,Metamorphosis



Franz Kafka


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780749399535

ISBN-10 0749399538


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)

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Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis is a story of a man's transformation into a giant bug. It tries to explore the eerie and confusing nature of human minds by using multi-layered metaphors. The striking originality of the story has the protagonist Gregor Samsa, a travelijng salesman undergoing this transformation, and becoming unfit to work. This leads his family to begin working again. This Chelsea House Publishers' Modern Interpretation Series also bring out the collection of criticism, a small biography on Kafka and the criticism on his story The Metamorphosis through essays by the famous literary critics. The book is translated by Willa Muir and Edwin Muir. About the authors Frank Kafka was a German writer and was a strong propagator of existentialism. His important works are Der Prozess (The Trial) and Das Schloss (The Castle). The characters in his books are subjected to intense quests, magical transformations and were epitomes of estrangement. Edwin Muir was born in Orkney Islands. He was a poet, novelist and a noted translator known for his profoundly felt and vibrant poetry in simple language. Willa Muir was born in Scotland. She was a well-known translator, novelist and essayist.