ISBN 9788170495048,Military Ethics

Military Ethics



Manas Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788170495048

ISBN-10 8170495040

Hard Back

Number of Pages 223 Pages
Language (English)


Questions of ethics-about how we should act, our responsibilities to one another and the difference between right and wrong-have long been debated by philosophers the world over and form the foundations of governments, cultures and religions. Military ethics applies to a specialized realm and has developed principles appropriate to it over time to help guide future practices. The author in his book military ethics has examined the various nuances of military ethics which has always been the cornerstone of honorable service and esprit de corps. Overcoming the fear to act, making ethical decisions and having the internal fortitude to take action decisively are what military ethics edifies to all the military personnel. It induces them to develop professionalism, self-control and moral intuition. Military ethics have come under scrutiny during the global war on terror. It is in this context the essay on 'ethical issues in asymmetrical warfare' deserves a special mention.

The book attempts to offer an overview of the moral challenges faced by military members and methods and insights that military ethics provides in reply. The book has been structured in three parts, containing ten chapters. It also includes the scripts of lectures delivered by the author at various forums providing a perspective one needs to make better decisions and be truer to oneself and those with whom one communicates. The development of ethical habits of mind is essential to equip the individual leader to react professionally to rapidly changing technology and tactics. The analysis of the practical problems of everyday ethics in military life carried out by the author will positively affect the life of any reader. The ethos of 'Indian-ness', the discourse on ethics based on our scriptures and writings of enlightened sages and saints as per the author, treats life as one integrated whole. This sentiment is also echoed by the author in his essay on 'ancient Indian ethos and its discourse on ethics.

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