ISBN 9780007412662,Mister God, This Is Anna

Mister God, This Is Anna






Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780007412662

ISBN-10 0007412665


Language (English)

Biography & True Stories

Mister God, This Is Anna is a book by author Fynn describing the adventures of Anna, a mischievous yet wise four year-old who Fynn finds as a runaway. Nineteen year old Fynn takes Anna home to his mother who takes her in, though Fynn becomes Anna's main caretaker and closest friend. Fynn recounts his time spent with Anna, and gives a very personal account of her outpourings on life, mathematics, science and her mentor, Mister God.The story begins on the streets of the East End of London in the mid 1930s. While roaming the docks at night, the author comes across a small girl sitting on the grating below a shop window. He sits down next to her, and from that moment on, his life is never the same. Unable to find out where she came from, Fynn takes the child home, only to discover she is an abused runaway. She spends her next three years as Fynn's inseparable companion.The book gives an account of their friendship. Anna by nature is the inquisitor, the forever probing creature who likes to find a rhyme and reason for everything. Fynn, being the student, has to follow her hard to understand, yet simple logic. Philosophical questions are investigated through the eyes of a child, who proposes simple, common sense solutions.At five years Anna knew absolutely the purpose of being, knew the meaning of love and was a personal friend and helper of Mister God. At six Anna was a theologian, mathematician, philosopher, poet and gardener. If you asked her a question you would always find an answer. On some occasions the answer would be delayed for weeks or months, but eventually, in her own good time, the answer would come, direct, simple and much to the point.