ISBN 9788120335592,Ms Win Vista Inside Out, Deluxe Edition, Cd

Ms Win Vista Inside Out, Deluxe Edition, Cd



Prentice Hall Of India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788120335592

ISBN-10 8120335597


Number of Pages 1408 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

Written by authors of the immensely popular Windows Vista Inside Out, this deluxe edition is a comprehensive reference to Windows Vista. It packs hundreds of solutions in a supremely organized, fast-answer format and also includes coverage of advanced topics--advanced networking, security, corporate deployment issues and high-end features. It is targeted at advanced users who help with the setup and configuration of Windows Vista client PCs on corporate networks and those who want detailed information on remote access, network security, volume licensing, and group policy. Table of Contents Acknowledgments Conventions and Features Used in This Book Text Conventions Design Conventions System Requirements Support Information Part I: Setup and Startup Chapter 1: What's New in Windows Vista Chapter 2: Installing and Confi guring Windows Vista Chapter 3: Obtaining Help and Support Chapter 4: Personalizing Windows Vista Chapter 5: Using a Stylus, Voice, and Other Unconventional Input Devices Chapter 6: Adding, Removing, and Managing Programs Chapter 7: Setting Up and Troubleshooting Hardware Chapter 8: Using Internet Explorer 7 Chapter 9: Finding and Organizing Files and Information Chapter 10: Synchronizing Files and Working with User Profiles Chapter 11: E-Mail, Collaboration, and Personal Productivity Part II: Security and Networking Chapter 12: Security Essentials Chapter 13: Managing User Accounts, Passwords, and Logons Chapter 14: Setting Up a Small Network Chapter 15: Managing Shared Folders and Printers Chapter 16: Tweaking and Troubleshooting a Small Network Chapter 17: Accessing Your Computer from Remote Locations Part III: Digital Media Chapter 18: Digital Media Essentials Chapter 19: Playing and Organizing a Digital Music Collection Chapter 20: Viewing, Organizing, and Sharing Digital Photos Chapter 21: Creating and Watching Movies and DVDs Chapter 22: Using Windows Media Center Part IV: System Maintenance and Management Chapter 23: Performing Routine Maintenance Chapter 24: Tuning Up and Monitoring Performance Chapter 25: Monitoring System Activities with Event Viewer Chapter 26: Troubleshooting Windows Errors Chapter 27: Recovering from a Computer Crash Chapter 28: Managing Services Chapter 29: Editing the Registry Part V: Advanced System Management Chapter 30: Advanced Internet Explorer Security and Administration Chapter 31: Managing Disks and Drives Chapter 32: Controlling Access to Files and Folders Chapter 33: Automating Windows Vista Chapter 34: Advanced Security Management Chapter 35: Encrypting Confidential Information Chapter 36: Using Group Policy Appendixes Appendix A: Windows Vista Editions at a Glance Appendix B: Downloadable Resources Appendix C: Working with the Command Prompt Appendix D: Using and Customizing Microsoft Management Console Appendix E: Viewing System Information Appendix F: Windows Vista Certification Exams Appendix G: Fixes Included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Index to Troubleshooting Topics Index