ISBN 9788189495367,Narendra Modi - Ek Tilism

Narendra Modi - Ek Tilism



Sahitya sansthaan

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788189495367

ISBN-10 8189495364


Language (Hindi)

Biological anthropology

A book by well known Hindi journalist Prakash Hindustani, describes the winning political management of Prime Minister Narendra Modi including election strategy, media management, social media management and marketing and branding in detail. The book will be of special interest to Management faculty and students besides practicing marketing managers and general public.

The book documents the important speeches, memorable events and interesting interviews of Narendra Modi (as well as Piyush Pandey, the man behind the personal branding and storytelling campaign). There is an interesting grouping of ideas in chapters like, "How did the good days come?", "From the CEO of Gujarat to PM of India", "Strong reply to every attack", "Election Strategy", "More attention to youth", "Importance to local issues" , "Use of Modern technology", "This is how UP and Bihar were won" and so on.

The most interesting chapter in the book is, "10 Special Facts" which mention the ten main reasons responsible for Modi's unbelievable victory. These 10 facts include an eye on the goal, self-confidence, strenuous hardwork, right strategy, foresightedness, right use of technology, positive thinking, strong will, Hindu nationalist image and the track record of Gujarat. The war of words between Modi and Rahul has been described well too. Some of the exchanges like toffee and balloons, lower level politics, farming of poison and so on are worth revisiting and are good entertainment too for the readers.

The book also includes few inspirational incidents along with a critical analysis of Modi's election campaign. Dedicated to the voters of the country, the book also has pictures of important news clippings and photographs, and ends with the Narendra Modi's picture where he is bowing down in reverence on the steps leading to the Parliament