ISBN 9789350366110,New Communicate In English 6

New Communicate In English 6


Uma Raman



Ratna Sagar Publishers

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789350366110

ISBN-10 9350366118

Paper Back

Number of Pages 152 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Communicate in English is now back in a brand new avatar, with new content and thoroughly revised exercises. A modern, attractive layout, beautiful colour illustrations along with several new features and reinforced CCE tools are a first in ELT coursebooks!
What's new?
FULL-PAGE GET SETS Interactive introductions to lessons to engage learners and initiate learning
COMIC STRIPS A popular form of storytelling to enhance understanding
ASL Oral activities to build better speaking and listening skills
VALUE-BASED QUESTIONS Thought-provoking questions to develop sensitivity towards social concerns
CIRCLE TIME (Books 1, 2) Interesting activities and games to help generate language
PUNCTUATION (Books 3 - 8) Exercises to help strengthen the mechanics of writing
CRITICAL APPRECIATION (Books 6 - 8) Evaluative questions to help appreciate language in context
PSA (Books 6 - 8) Absorbing activities to augment problem-solving and decision-making skills
OTBA (Books 6 - 8) Detailed text and questions to help acquire the skills of information processing, analysis and inference
EXCITING VISUALS Attractive illustrations and a modern layout to stimulate imagination and interest
Other exciting features
VOCABULARY Carefully graded activities to increase vocabulary
GRAMMAR Interactive tasks and activities
WRITING Scaffolding to provide a framework for writing
SPELL RIGHT (Books 3 - 5) Various kinds of exercises to sharpen spelling abilities
DICTIONARY CHECK (Books 3 - 5) Activities to guide learners' dictionary reference skills
HOTS (Books 3 - 8) Questions focus on critical thinking and analytical skills
LIFE SKILLS Activities to help develop skills and attitudes to meet everyday challenges in healthy and desirable ways.
TASK FOR FA AND SA Tasks to monitor and evaluate student learning