ISBN 9788179923672,New Finance Library

New Finance Library



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788179923672

ISBN-10 8179923673

Hard Back

Language (English)


8 Volumes CEOs, CFOs, fund managers and entrepreneurs need to know the latest trends in portfolio management, risk management, hedge fund operations, marketing of financial products/services and investor relations to compete in today's cut-throat financial world. This encyclopedia equips leaders with cutting-edge financial knowledge they need to stay ahead of their competitors. Vol. 1: Managing To Have Profits Vol. 2: Hedge Funds: An Investor's Guide Vol. 3: Risk: The New Management Imperative in Finance Vol. 4: Analyzing and Managing Banking Risk: A Framework for Assessing Corporate Governance and Financial Risk Vol. 5: Selling Financial Products and Services Vol. 6: Corporate Governance: Putting Investors First Vol. 7: The New Investor Relations Vol. 8: Portfolio Management

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