ISBN 9789350361450,Number Magic Book 3

Number Magic Book 3


Sunita Arora



Ratna Sagar P. Ltd.

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350361450

ISBN-10 9350361450

Hard Back

Language (English)


The series is a complete graded course for Classes KG, 1-5. It is based on tried and tested mathematical teaching principles. The structure of the books has been customized according to the CCE approach. The series aims at the holistic development of the learner in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Not only will Number Magic stimulate the student's mind, but it will also help them get better 'number sense'. It will also make them aware of how numbers interact with each other. MENTAL MATHS will help to enhance mental calculation skills. CHECKPOINT has in-text questions for practice. HOTS questions will encourage lateral thinking. IN THE LAB are Maths Lab activities especially designed to develop conceptual understanding. BEYOND THE CHAPTER consists of extrapolatory tasks. CHECKLIST at the end of each chapter will help assess what has been learnt. GET IT RIGHT! will alert the student to common errors in maths. MATHS ONLINE consists of weblinks which will take the learners beyond the text. MATHS FROM THE PAST and TO MEET offer nuggets from history related to the subject. ANSWERS are given at the end of each book. ABOUT NUMBER MAGIC rich, graded and balanced content based on the do-and-learn approach will help to develop the student's ability to think and reason mathematically will develop conceptual understanding will hone her/his ability to analyse and solve problems will make the student confident in everyday life