ISBN 9788121923125,Numerical Methods In Science And Engineering

Numerical Methods In Science And Engineering


S. Chand Publisher



S. Chand Publisher

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788121923125

ISBN-10 8121923123


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 225 Pages
Language (English)


Methods are developed for solving large-scale problems such as those involving large number of equation, large-scale Eigne-value problems and non-linear algebric equations. Interpolation and numerical integration techniques are also presented. The book deals comprehensively with the solution techniques for initial value problems. Numerical solutions to partial differential equations for boundry value problems by region method, such as finite difference technique, have been elaborately discussed. Computer programs in BASIC, FORTRAN and C are provided, wherever approiate, to enable students to acquire both knowledge and skill in numerical computation and for programming their own practical problems. Table of Contents Errors and approximations in numerical computations Matrices and determinants Linear system of equations (Direct methods) Iterative methods for solving linear equation Storage schemes and solution of large system of linear equations Solution techniques for eigenvalue problems Solution of a nonlinear equation Solution of non-linear system of equations Interpolation and curve fitting Numerical integration The approximation for the solution of ordinary first order differential equations Boundary value problems region method (finite difference approach) References Appendix Index