ISBN 9789381384396,Official Noting and Drafting

Official Noting and Drafting



V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381384396

ISBN-10 9381384398

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Number of Pages 132 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Ever since HND gained the status of the official language, themoral responsibility of making the language acceptable in perfectadministrative form has gradually increased. For the growth,development and expansion of HND, this book is a positiveendeavour. As for official purposes, Government officials andemployees are deeply enamoured of English in official transactionsand failed to accept HND seriously. It is because of a lack ofconfidence to use proper words or sentences in Hindi. This bookwould enlighten the readers about the fact that each officialEnglish expression has an Hindi equivalent to it. The book is meantfor those (particularly for English speaking individuals) who arein government offices, industrial houses, corporate business,private establishments, banks, railways or LIC, etc where the needto communicate in Hindi arises from time to time. The book offersthe reader valuable techniques on how to structure the language.Salient features include: Gazette Notifications.
Administrative Notings.
Accounts and Audit Notings and Objections.
Draft Telegrams.
Synonyms of Secret Reports.
Adjective Terminology.
And many more useful tips