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Paneer Bonanza


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Unicorn Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788178060989

ISBN-10 8178060981


Number of Pages 164 Pages
Language (English)

Cooking for one

Paneer Bonanza is a cookbook on paneer recipes and preparation by the Pune-based author Prabhjot Mundhir. Summary of The Book Paneer Bonanza by Prabhjot Mundhir is a cookbook on many traditional and novel paneer preparations. It bases itself on the fact that paneer is one of the most protein-rich vegetarian foods. Paneer must be included in meals in order to maintain the protein levels in the body, especially in the case of vegetarians. The book says that this food item finds a mention as early as the Rig Veda, in which it is said to have been referred to as one of the foods containing much needed quality protein. Even the traditional Indian paneer dishes have rebuilt in a modern and healthy manner, with the aim of reviving Indian cuisine in the midst of the globalization of food habits. The recipes are written in an ingredient-preparation-serving-tips sequence. An image of the dish is also included at the start of the recipe in order to give readers a glimpse of the final preparation. Towards the end of each dish, a brief section mentions the estimated cooking time. The dishes in the book include the use of paneer in starters, soups, salads, pizzas, and snacks, and there are a total of 55 recipes. The book contains a chapter titled How To Make Paneer, and then moves on to the starters section, where Paneer Vadi, Paneer Kachori, and Paneer Rolls are covered. The main course section includes variations such as Palak Paneer, Paneer Kofta Kadi, and Paneer Chettinad. The desserts section has recipes for Paneer Jalebi, Paneer Strawberry Mousse, and Paneer and Sago Kheer among other dishes. About Prabhjot Mundhir Prabhjot Mundhir is a Pune-based cookery writer and journalist who has written many cook books and contributed to a lot of cooking CDs. Among Mundhir's interests is research on nutritious food, which she is known to have incorporated in her recipes. Some of her other books include mushroom and corn preparations. Mundhir's books include 30 Day Rapidex Cookery Course, Nutritious Mushroom Recipes, and Exotic Mexican Cuisine. One of her most popular works is The Pleasure Of Indian Cooking, which was distributed as a CD. Mundhir completed her post graduation in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. She went on to work as a freelance journalist in trade and industry related fields. Mundhir also has a cookery column in the Sakal Times.

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