ISBN 9780195676853,Pattern Recognition| Techniques and Applications (Includes CD)

Pattern Recognition| Techniques and Applications (Includes CD)



Oxford University Press India

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780195676853

ISBN-10 0195676858


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)

Computer hardware & operating systems

Pattern Recognition: Techniques and Applications introduces the concept of inductive learning and provides an exhaustive coverage of the procedures for Pattern Recognition. The book would serve as a textbook for senior undergraduate and master's engineering students. Written in a lucid and student-friendly style, the text encourages self-study and instills working knowledge of Pattern Recognition in a student. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Learning to Recognize Patterns Decision Trees: Basics Decision Trees: Extensions Obtaining Prules by Evolution Bayes Classification Nearest Neighbor Classification Multilayer Neural Nets Linear Classification Cross Validation and Attribute Selection Clustering Syntactic Pattern Recognition Summing Up Appendix A: A Review of Probabilities Appendix B: Project on Breast Cancer Prognostication Appendix C: Project on Optical Character Recognition Bibliography Index