ISBN 9789380349169,Patyala Down De Throat...A Sweet Melody From Pegs To Riches

Patyala Down De Throat...A Sweet Melody From Pegs To Riches



Srishti Publications Books


ISBN 9789380349169

ISBN-10 9380349165


Number of Pages 202 Pages
Language (English)


Dev : Whatever happens cannot be blamed on god ... Then to whom??? Mom : Is it a hostel or a hotel? Surprised! Vivek : Guys! Eyes on Jasmine. She seemed pretty with a perfect ten. Long hairs sharp nose, Milky White made of cream -- Vanilla ... aaah Vishal : Jasmine likes u Dev. Trust my theories of your inside story. SAGAR'C : We are nuts! Crazy and dangerous. Dare you mess with us Dev? Mirchi Seth : This is first Edition of Garam Masala "Tujhe Mirchi Lagee to Mein Kya Karun" Dudes : Welcome Dev, to the dark side -- Mehfil @ EDI The Director : What will happen Dev if I reject your business plan? Life : At some point u have to be serious about ur future dev? Will Dev Meet his Success???