ISBN 9781107568792,Power Electronics And Motor Control

Power Electronics And Motor Control



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781107568792

ISBN-10 110756879X


Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Power Electronics

In Recent Years, Great Changes Have Taken Place In The Types Of Semiconductor Devices Used As Power Switches. This Clear And Concise Advanced Textbook Is A Comprehensive Introduction To Power Electronics. It Considers Analog Electronics, Electric Motor Control And Adjustable Speed Electrical Drives, Both A.C. And D.C. In This Second Edition, The Authors Have Added A Completely New Chapter Dealing With The Application Of Pwm Techniques In Induction Motor Speed Control. They Have Also Entirely Rewritten The Chapters Dealing With Electronic Switching Devices And Adjustable Speed Drives To Ensure The Text Is Completely Up To Date. With Numerous Worked Examples, Exercises, And Diagrams, Advanced Undergraduates And Postgraduates Will Find This A Readable And Immensely Useful Introduction To The Subject Of Power Electronics.