ISBN 9788184957303,Power Math

Power Math



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788184957303

ISBN-10 8184957300


Number of Pages 284 Pages
Language (English)

Encyclopaedias & reference works

30 Powerful Principles for Building Math & Numeracy Skills

Ace Your Competitive Exams
Uncover the "secrets" of basic math
Learn to translate words into math
Solve math problems by thinking conceptually
Understand the meaning behind basic graphs

Improve Your Math Skills and Achieve Greater Academic and Professional Success

Power Math is an invaluable guide for the person who wants to fine-tune his or her numerical mindset and see math in a new way.

Contains 120 all-star problems and 30 recurring math principles to help readers uncover the secrets of basic math.

Develop a feel for how numbers behave and what makes math problems tick.

Watch for pitfalls when working with percentage increase and decrease.

Use simple math to solve "business" scenarios involving price, cost, volume, profit, and break-even, and to calculate mark-up versus margin and efficiency.

Be able to glance at graphs and grasp their underlying meaning.

Understand correlation: weak or strong, positive or negative, linear or nonlinear.

BRANDON ROYAL (CPA, MBA) is an award-winning author, who through his work as a teacher and educational consultant, has developed a set of key learning principles that help define the basics of reasoning, math, writing, and grammar.